The Truth Is– Everyone Loves #Winning 😆

The Problem Is That Most Businesses Are Doing Facebook Giveaways All Wrong!!

Sweepstakes Chatbot Is The Solution. . .

. . . It Takes the Average Facebook Giveaway and Catapults It to a Whole New Level!

The Result: You Get the Exponential Power of Viral Social Sharing, Combined With the Proven Effectiveness of Facebook Messenger Marketing!

The Most Effective Facebook Giveaway Messenger Bot Template Available

Facebook giveaway for fitness center

It's the Fastest Way to. . .

  • Create a Buzz,
  • Get More Followers,
  • Increase Engagement,
  • Build Your Brand,
  • And Generate More Sales.

It's Easy– Sweepstakes Chatbot Does All the Work!

  • Collects each entrant's email and phone number (phone is optional).
  • Incentivizes more Comments, Likes, Shares and Tagging in a way that's compliant with Facebook's strict promotional guidelines.
  • It keeps people in Facebook's "ecosystem," meaning Facebook will reward you with lower ad costs.
  • Delivers a coupon code to each entrant to, encouraging entrants to do business with you.
  • Automatically chooses the winner, then notifies them via Messenger.
  • It's the FASTEST way to grow your email list and grow your Messenger subscriber's list.
  • It's fun for everyone!

Whether you sell online or offline, a Facebook giveaway with Sweepstakes Chatbot can be a powerful and fun way to promote your business!

Examples of businesses like yours that are using Sweepstakes Chatbot. . .

Influencers & Experts

Influencers & Experts

Authors, athletes, TV and movie celebrities, high performance coaches, social media influencers.

Fitness & Recreation

Gym Membership Giveaway

Gyms, ski resorts, adventure parks, outdoor guides & outfitters, archery, competitive shooting clubs, etc.

Music & Events

Music Festival Facebook Giveaway

Bands, music promoters, venues, performances.

Restuarants & Bars


Fine dining, family dining, dinner theatres, bars and nightclubs.

SaaS / Digital Products

Saas or Digital Products

Bloggers, internet marketers, info product creators, app developers, technology manufacturers.

Ecommerce & Retail


E-Commerce and Shopify sellers, clothing designers and boutiques, jewelry designers, fine artists, art galleries.

Sue Bookhout, Founder & Lead Strategist

"A Facebook Giveaway is one of the quickest ways to put your business on the map. If you're looking for a way to grow your email list super fast, generate a buzz and make sales in the process, you definitely need to check out our viral giveaway bot. Hands-down it's the best giveaway bot available anywhere."

~Sue Bookhout, Owner of

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